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Heavy Highway

The highways and bridges we all use deserve the best care. Matcon works with PennDOT and other roadway owner agencies to provide the specialty cuts and rehabilitation measures needed to keep our roads safe, reliable, and open.

  • Concrete Initial Sawing

  • Joint Reservoir Widening/Cleaning/Sealing

  • Bridge Deck/Structure Demolition Sawing

  • Roadway Concrete/Pavement Pouring

  • Concrete Sidewalk/Curb/Gutter Paving

  • Concrete/Asphalt Roadway Patch Cuts

  • Mountable & Gutter Curbing

  • Core Drilling for Roadway Utilities Access

  • Vermeer Trenching

  • Clearing & Grubbing

  • New Roadway Excavating & Grading

  • Roadway Patches/Drainage/Structure

  • Geotextiles

  • Joint & Crack Sealing

  • Rigid Pavement Patching & Repair

  • Spall Repair

  • Joint Rehab/Sawing/Sealing

  • Pavement Base Drains

  • Curbs/Sidewalks/Inlets/Manholes

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